• VehiCom truck queuing signs or “callboards” make sure drivers know when they need to load no matter where they are in the yard which imposes efficiency.
  • The callboards can be standalone or multiple signs can be connected together and positioned through out the plant indoors and out.
  • The required desktop sign controller is set up to receive the truck numbers from the tickets stack on your batch computer software to automate the system.
  • Signs are available in 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″ digits with outdoor brightness and 4″ with indoor brightness for a driver’s room.

DG8 – 8″ Outdoor Sign

The original 8″ digits with all of the features for a fully configurable sign.

  • Viewable from over 350 feet in direct sunlight
  • Built in diagnostics verify each segment is functioning every update
  • Dimmer circuit adjusts brightness to conditions
  • Bullets for lane designation

DG6 – 6″ Outdoor Sign

The 6″ signs have a fixed configuration of four digit truck numbers by 3 to 6 rows.

  • Viewable from over 150 feet in direct sunlight
  • Dimmer circuit adjusts brightness to conditions
  • Small lane designator option available

DG4 – 4″ Outdoor Sign

An indoor sign that creates a system  for your whole yard.

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